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Welcome to Stained Art Glass Studio

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My name is Susan Mason and I am the owner of Stained Art. I have been working with stained glass for over 15 years and started out making a range of handcrafted  artwork such as suncatchers, cars, angels etc. 

Whilst these continue to be in demand,  a growing area is designing glass art, based on an image supplied by you  (landscapes, seascapes and art deco have proved popular). I design a revised image which can be cut in glass and if the customer is happy with that, the stained glass art is produced.

I also undertake original design work for stained glass windows and doors, together with restoration work.

If you have any queries, please just contact me for more details

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Please contact me for further information

24 Marsh Moss Lane
Burscough L40 0RP

01704 892556

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