The suncatchers shown here were all commission orders and so vary in size and price. If you would like something similar, please just click on an image and let me know your requirements and I will be happy to provide a quote.

Multicolour abstract suncatcher

This piece loosely represents the sea, sand, sun and sky. Please ask if you would like somethng similar - most shapes, designs and colours can be accommodated





Suncatcher edged with lead cameborder

This was a commission order. The client wanted just shades of blue with a small amount of green. The finished piece was 15 cm diamteter. Please enquire if you would like something similar.


Small sailboat with pretty pink and lilac sails

Set on a stained driftwood base. Price: £10 Size: 4 x 5cm (glass boat)

Brightly coloured sailing boat

Looks amazing with just a small amount of light behind it. Set on a natural driftwood base. Price: £10 Size: 24 x 3cm (base) Boat size: 9 x 8cm

Translucent turquoise and lilac sails on a wispy blue opaque base

Finished with a black patina. Price: £7 Size: 10 x 6cm

Red and Black corset

Comes trimmed with black lace and ready to hang with either cord (as shown), ribbon or chain. Price: £15 Size: 16x12cm

Stained glass mosaic in a backlit box frame

Mosaic of yachts at sea, set into a box frame. Looks lovely with sunlight shining through in the day and can be back lit at night with battery run LED lights. (Please see side view below). Price: £29.50 Size: 19 x 19cm


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